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Wolff® SunDome

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Wolff® SunDome

48 -160 watt lamps

10 Minutes session time

The SunDome  is a specially designed tanning booth shaped to place your clients at the center of tanning intensity so they are being evenly showered with bronzing, all-over tanning power.

This tanning booth’s unique stand-up design is perfect if you have limited space, and your client will love the quick, 10-minute no contact tanning session in the SunDome tanning booth.

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  • Seven foot staggered lamp design provides head-to-toe tanning coverage.
  • 48 Body Lamps
  • 48 x 160 watt reflector lamps.


  • Unique design and shape places the tanner at the center of tanning intensity for a dark, golden tan.
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum and steel mainframe with durable, long-lasting DuraMax™ 2000 exterior.
  • Panels are easily removed from the inside, so you have immediate access to the booth’s internal components without having to move it.
  • Doors open wide for easy access into and out of the tanning booth

Special Features

  • Shorter sessions allow for more tanning sessions per hour.
  • Includes stereo speakers for your clients’ listening pleasure. (stereo not included)


  • The new 3000cfm cooling fan assures a cool, comfortable tanning environment.
  • New advanced cooling system creates tremendous airflow over the tanner’s body, resulting in a cooling, more comfortable tanning session in the SunDome.


  • Overall Size: 42″W x 55″D x 96″H
  • Doors Open: 55″ W

Minimum Room Size

Min Room Size Required: 6′L x 6′W x 9′ H


  • 220 VOLT dedicated circuit
  • 60 AMP circuit breaker 1-phase
  • Does NOT come with a plug – must hard wire directly to junction box.
  • IMPORTANT: Voltage must be 220 – 230 VAC or may requireBuck Booster.