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Face to Face TheraSauna

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Face to Face TheraSauna

TS7552 Opposite Facing
75 ¼” W x 53 1⁄16” D x 74” H
120 volt/1835 watt/15.3 amp
20-Amp Plug
12 TheraMitter™ heaters
Full Tempered Glass Door
Capacity : 4

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TheraSauna® is handcrafted with the finest grade aspen hardwood for the look of fine furniture. Our TheraMitter™ far infrared heating units are made of 100 percent high glass content ceramic which is the gold standard for producing the most beneficial range of infrared for the body. The patented Stable Heat™ control system provides the most consistent range of far infrared heat. When it comes to your health, why compromise? Discover the incomparable quality of TheraSauna®.

Please make sure that our Four Person TheraSauna will fit in your home before you purchase it! The front and back walls both measure 65″ wide and 67″ tall. It is a good idea to cut out a piece of cardboard to these dimensions and maneuver it through your home to ensure ease of movement during installation.